Installation and Maintenance

Read Before Installation

Please note the following restrictions/requirements for CombineZP to run properly, and legally.

Where possible please make sure you have the latest version by checking the date in the 'About Box'.

Questions of a general nature can be asked at:-

CombineZ Yahoo Group

To Install the Program

For new users with Windows XP or Vista the recommended route is now to install CombineZP by downloading and running the:-

CombineZP Package 

The default location for installation is "C:\Program Files\Alan Hadley\CombineZP", a shortcut is placed on the desktop and an entry in the Start menu.

Unless notified otherwise you will be able to install updates to an existing installation by replacing 'CombineZP.exe' with a newer version.   This means you only need to download a smaller file and copy it into the installation location, "C:\Program Files\Alan Hadley\CombineZP" by default.   From time to time you may wish to add to or alter the contents of this folder, e.g. to add a new Macro Set you have received, or to access the contents of the 'CZTemp' folder etc. so it is worth remembering where the program is installed.

To remove CombineZP from your computer first visit 'Add Remove Programs' on the control panel, if you installed the package, then delete the installation folder.

For help installing or using the program and to meet other users try the Yahoo group 

The program uses the following Copyright resources and methods.

Windows operating systems Copyright Microsoft.
Windows Media Player 9 or later Copyright Microsoft.
Windows Image Aquisition (WIA) Copyright Microsoft.
Direct ShowCopyright Microsoft.
Various Visual C++ .dll files Copyright Microsoft.
Fastist Fourier Transform in the West (fftw3.dll) Copyright MIT, GNU Public Licence.
Pyramid Methods in Image Processing